Brain Association Test

Brain Associations Test™ (BAT):

People have specific unconscious associations with their surroundings. Product attributes or brand ideas that are personally meaningful or recently activated are more readily accessed by your brain, and concurrently slow down performance on other competing tasks. The more inherently meaningful or activated the word, image, advertisement, or idea is on the brain, the longer the delay in performing a competing task.

NeuroGPS technology leverages this aspect of the way our brains work though the Brain Associations Test™ (BAT). The BAT documents a person’s unconscious associations to a brand or any marketing stimuli through an innovative web based measurement tool.

The specific test stimuli can be versatile, and the results provide marketers with a comprehensive and pinpointed list of positive and unintentionally negative associations that are embedded in the consumer’s brain. These are the ideas that are drawn upon in making purchase decisions.

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Brain Reactions Test™ (BRT):

Our brain processes a lot of information that never reaches conscious awareness. Often there is a value we place on this information whether or not we realize it. This aspect of how our brain works is captured through the NeuroGPS Brain Reactions Test™ (BRT).

This test utilizes subliminal priming to provide data related to instinctual emotional reactions, both positive and negative of which people are not consciously aware. This is accomplished through an online presentation of stimuli which elicits a measurable true response.

The BRT can test your brand, a competing brand or any marketing content to determine the unique emotions evoked. Alternatively, you can compare two or three concepts or products against one another to determine which is seen in a more positive or negative light.
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